Monday, June 13, 2016
Posted by
Bart Zienda

BWCA Fish Tales: The One That Got Away

It was the last night of a four-day Memorial Day weekend trip to the Boundary Waters and I was getting nervous about how little fishing we had done. We found a great campsite on the southwest corner of Long Island (on Saganaga Lake) and wasted no time taking advantage of the evening breeze.

I quickly reached into the tackle box and rigged a ¼ oz neon moon eye jig, baited with a 3” smoke/silver flake grub. Barefooted, I stepped out onto a fallen tree and made a few strong casts. My landing net was hastily left on shore, but I at least remembered to turn on the GoPro.

Minutes later, everything changed. The line was fully loaded and a tail whipped the water 20 yards ahead. My wife, Elena, was fishing a short distance down the beach, and I called her over to share in the excitement.

My footing was slippery at best, and as the fish surfaced again, it showed off its athleticism in one giant leap. We had one last look at that lake trout as it approached the landing net. In one swift move, it took advantage of a slacked line and snapped its way free. Every now and then, we have to let a fish get away, but we can't let the Boundary Waters do the same. This Wilderness has some of the best fishing in the world, and sulfide-ore copper mining doesn't belong next door. Take action today to defend this angler's paradise.