Tuesday, March 14, 2017
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Piper Donlin

Polling: Shows Strong Support for the Boundary Waters

In a poll of Minnesota voters released today, conducted by President Donald Trump's chief polling firm Fabrizio Ward for our sister organization Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness, results show continued support for protecting the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and its watershed. This holds with our polling from March of last year, which also showed strong support for protecting the watershed of the Boundary Waters and Voyageurs National Park. The recent polling looked at views toward sulfide-ore copper mining in Minnesota and near the Boundary Waters, as well as how voters view the review process and "two-year pause" in place.

The polling shows that while Minnesotans generally support sulfide-ore copper mining in the state, nearly 60% oppose it near the Boundary Waters and less than 30% support it. In Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District, which contains the Iron Range, opposition to sulfide-ore copper mining near the Boundary Waters exceeds support by double digit margins. Nearly 8 in 10 Minnesotans support the thorough ongoing environmental review happening now, including 70% of eighth congressional district residents. When compared with a process that first allows a mine company to present a mine plan, a whopping 70% of voters statewide favored the direction federal land managers are currently taking, including 61% in the eighth congressional district. This support crosses all party lines. Add your comment today and attend the March 16 public comment meeting if you can.

For more on this new polling, read our press release and the memo and deck from Fabrizio Ward.

Among Key Results:

The Boundary Waters Wilderness is a special place to Minnesota voters, and they want to protect it from sulfide ore copper mining. By a 32-point margin, Minnesota voters are decisively against sulfide-ore copper mining in the areas near the Boundary Waters Wilderness. In fact, more voters strongly oppose mining near the Boundary Waters than the total of those in favor of it. Even half of the voters in CD-08 are against sulfide ore copper mining there.

Most Minnesotans are not anti-mining. Indeed, the industry’s image is more positive than negative. However, Minnesotans are passionate about the Boundary Waters. Their love for the area is both broad and deep. Overall, 78% have a favorable opinion of the area, with an eye-popping 58% viewing it very favorably. The love for the Boundary Waters area is not surprising given that two-thirds of voters have been there, with about one in five making the trip every year.

Though there has been public opposition to the process from Representative Nolan, voters believe the federal land management agencies made the correct decision in December. There is strong support for the current two-year pause to gather scientific information and public input about the potential impacts of sulfide ore copper mining near the Boundary Waters. This holds true among voters of all parties and in Rep. Nolan's Distrct, CD-08.

Minnesota voters recognize that the Boundary Waters Wilderness area is special and that the usual mining review practices are inadequate for this treasured area. Some have argued that the areas near the Boundary Waters Wilderness should not be categorically ruled off-limits, that mine safety review plans are enough to guarantee a process that would ensure the safety of the BWW or wherever the mine was located. We tested that sentiment against the “pause and study” process the federal government set in motion in December. By a 40-point margin, Minnesotans want the current “pause and study” process to play out to see if a long-term moratorium on sulfide ore copper mining should be placed near the Boundary Waters Wilderness. Clear support for staying on the current path to finish the review holds among all party affiliations and in CD-08.